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 8/8 Rumors

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PostSubject: 8/8 Rumors   Wed Aug 06, 2014 5:23 pm

"Aside from that freaky thing with the meat wagon last month, I haven't heard of any Necromancer attacks. It's weird, but a good kind of weird."

"I heard that a thief walked into and out of the Church unhindered and unnoticed!! That's gotta take some balls! I wonder if they got away with anything?"

"Did you see that crazy tower off to the south? The one that appeared out of nowhere the other day? I'm a little worried that it's gonna kill someone. the thing looks like it's held together with duct tape and prayer."

"That guy who keeps going on and on about vegetables need to leave town already."

"What's with all the spiders around here? And why do they have shovels and picks? Maybe I need to lay off the drink"

"Fred was telling me that his kid found a fireball the other day. I'm not kidding, it was just sitting there for who knows how long then it up and disappeared! Wait, the Cummins' kid saw the same thing last week? What is going on in this town!?"

"The bounty on those wanted posters is ridiculous! Clearly this Borderlands Butcher did some nasty stuff to deserve a reward like that."

"I heard that a couple of City Gang members have been spotted out here."

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8/8 Rumors
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