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 In the dead of night...

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PostSubject: In the dead of night...   Fri Aug 08, 2014 1:00 am

A small group of people swathed in cloaks quietly enters town. The fabric swallows them but it is hard to fully cover the flashes of yellow and blue of the robes underneath, and the flash of swords on their hips. They move as a group, keeping pace with the person in the middle. They walk with confidence, and a little bit of arrogance, looking around and taking in the sights of the town around them. As the group disappears behind a building a gust of wind blows, revealing that of the group only one does not carry a sword, but a gun. And as the breeze dies down, it carries the sulphurous reek of something burning with it through the town.

The Inquisitor has arrived in New Hope.

OOG: Emma B
IG: Clarisse "Dollface" Stoneskin

Dear plot team, I'm still waiting for my very tiny gopher
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In the dead of night...
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