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 Notes on Supplies

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PostSubject: Notes on Supplies    Fri Aug 15, 2014 2:03 pm

( out of game notes on the uses of town supplies)

Food: Feeds 5 people per unit per month

  • NPC: Allows them to work a full strength ( 50% if not fed, will not work if tired and unfed)
  • PC: Heals to full body at each of the three meals per day

Building Supplies: Upkeeps 1 building per month or can be used to build new buildings

  • House, NPC: NPC can work at full strength ( 75% otherwise, will not work if tired and unfed)
  • House, PC: While inside the house and out of combat, PCs may walk, talk, use in-game skills, and eat, while refreshing their spent skills.
  • Clinic: Doubles the number of people a unit of medical supplies will keep healthy
  • Water treatment plant: No 25% chance to go up in radiation level at each meal
  • ZPM Reactor: Lights in town can be used, also Energy weapons can be recharged from any socket in the main house.

Medical Supplies: 1 unit keeps 5 people in good overall health ( 10 if the clinic is up-kept). One unit can be broken down into 10 points to spent on the following chart of injections

  • 1 point for 20 surgical supplies
  • 1 for 4 med injection A's
  • 1 for 2 med injection B's
  • 1 for 1 med Injection C's

Ammunition: Allows 5 NPCs to use guns for a month, or can be used as 2 ranks of supply chain per unit.

Tools: Allows 5 NPCs to work on a building project

Arcane Supplies: Allows the town ward to function for one month

Liquid Helium: Keeps the ZPM reactor from exploding for one year
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Notes on Supplies
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