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 2015 Requested Donations list (updated 6/8/15)

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PostSubject: 2015 Requested Donations list (updated 6/8/15)   Sun Dec 28, 2014 1:50 am

If you're looking to earn a little extra Karma by using your spare time on the off season We've got a list of things we're looking for. These are really in no particular order and we'll add to the list as we discover things we need, or someone donates something. Bolded things are stuff we REALLY need

  • short length natural weapons
  • Normal weapon reps - short swords, thrown weapons, Two handed swords, polearms and shields
  • Martial arts bracer reps
  • General Costuming - Shirts, jackets, skirts, pants, and hats.
  • Tabards - Plain black, Red, Blue with a four pointed yellow star on the front, or green
  • Packets - there is no such thing as enough
  • Racial Costuming - Wigs, and tusks especially
  • Green, and Black knit hats
  • Prosthetic wounds
  • Fake blood, lots of it. For reasons.
  • Nerf Darts
  • rigid collagen/scarring liquid
  • friendly plastic
  • faux hair
  • fake spider webbing

OOG: Emma B
IG: Clarisse "Dollface" Stoneskin

Dear plot team, I'm still waiting for my very tiny gopher

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2015 Requested Donations list (updated 6/8/15)
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