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 How do I IBGA?

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PostSubject: How do I IBGA?   Sat Apr 11, 2015 1:05 am

What is an IBGA?
IBGA stands for In Between Game Action and is literally that. What your character is doing in between the games. Afterfire is not a static game, a LOT of stuff happens outside of the action, and in between games is a great time to gather extra information, talk to people about local events, and just get a little bit of a leg up on the next event. IBGAs are limited to non-combat actions however. So you will never ever have to worry about your character getting killed out of game.

What can I do with an IBGA?
Pretty much anything within reason. In the real world could you read the entirety of Shakespeare's works, have an in-depth conversation about the physics of the universe with Neil Degrasse Tyson AND cure cancer in three weeks? Probably not. So your character probably can't either. Please be reasonable and keep it down to one or two things you want to be.

What if something comes up and I want to amend my IBGA?
That is called amending your IBGA and you are able to do that right up until the normal deadline for turning them in. Again, please be reasonable with this.

What do I put in an IBGA?
Details. Lots of details. The more you tell plot HOW you go about something then the better a response we can give you. For example: "I track down Sketchy Steve and beat the answers out of him" vs "I ask around town, paying close attention to seedy bars, and brothels to find out who knows Sketchy Steve, and once I've gotten a good sense of who his close friends are I coerce the location of his hiding place out of them with copious amounts of liqueur. Then once I've found Sketchy Steve's hiding spot I beat the answers out of him with a rusty spoon." The latter IBGA is a LOT more likely to get some really good information.

So when can I expect a response from plot?
That depends. IBGA responses are very much a crowd sourced thing, so your IBGA response might be written by one member of plot but your buddy LARPing Larry's might be written by another. Some IBGAs are written by multiple members of plot. It all depends on what you're looking for with your IBGA, that said the best we can tell you is before the next event. We do however promise that we will never send out IBGA responses right before we drive to the site.

So what happens if I miss an event?
Well now things get a little tricky. Say you attend the June event as a PC, but due to schedule conflicts miss the July and August events. you can still turn in an IBGA at any time during that period, but plot will only accept an IBGA from you after you attend another event as a PC.

How do my character's skills effect IBGAS?
That really depends on what you're doing, and what skills your character has. Non-combat skills are really the only ones that can be applied to IBGAs. Below I'll list some of the skills and what they could potentially be used for to give you an idea
  • Craft: Chemistry - chemical reactions, explosives, chemical and inorganic compound analysis, arson and bomb analysis
  • Craft: Engineering - structural engineering, spelunking, subterranean engineering
  • Craft: Medical - pharmaceuticals, drugs, people's reactions to various drugs
  • Craft: Ritual - "reading" and identifying the ambient magic in the area/item/creature
  • Tradeskill - This has a little bit of a special side effect, you can forgo your salvage payout at the next logistics period and use it for something else. i.e. using Tradskill: Hunter to get meat for a pet wolf.
  • Surgery - actual anatomy, anything involving the body, physiology, kinesiology etc

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How do I IBGA?
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