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 2015 recruitment and new player rewards

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PostSubject: 2015 recruitment and new player rewards    Sun Apr 12, 2015 8:15 am

150 karma awarded to the recruiter for both the first and second event a player recruited in 2014 attends, with 300 awarded for the third event attended.
If 4+ people are recruited in a group the recruiter will be included in the "Advanced Armory" starting mod.

New players
1st and 2nd events are both reduced. Two day events cost $15 less for PCing or $5 less for NPCing. This stacks with the Pre-Reg discount. When you send in your registration for a new character please state the character's race and class.

A group of 5+ new players joining together can qualify for the "Advanced Armory" starting Mod. All players must pre-reg for their first game and state that they are looking to go on this Mod. The "Advanced Armory" is a harder starting mod, in which players will each get a Karma item designed by HQ for their class of no less than 600 Karma. This is a very rare opportunity and should not be passed up.

- Erik Anderson
Co-Owner, Logistics, and Tech Support

Stitch (Sorcerer)
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2015 recruitment and new player rewards
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