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 May Rumors

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PostSubject: May Rumors   Thu May 14, 2015 12:44 pm

“There’s synth around somewhere doing some electrical thing.”
“Isn’t that dangerous? I mean, don’t they like short-circuit or something?”
“That’s racist.”

“I swear, the barkeep looks really good today. He looks about ten years younger, and that’s saying something for a Terran!”

“Last month, the adventurers of New Hope pissed somebody off and a bunch of kids in the area didn’t wake up the next morning. Kinda makes you afraid to sleep at night.”

“They found another acolyte’s body last night. Dead, like the other couple we found.”
“The ones from the Church of the Light?”
“Yeah. My guess is that the Inquisitor is offing the dissenters herself now.”
“Hey! Keep it down, will ya? I just want to stay clear of the whole thing, myself.

“The bandits in the area almost seem like they’re NOT at each other’s throats right now.”

“Did ya see that trader? Sayin’ he was from ‘kotan empire or sumtin’ like tat. Prolly takin’ over or sumtin’, if ya ask me. Next ting ya know dey’ll be tryin’ to get us all ta follow ‘laws’ or some shit. Not gunna happen!”

“Lot’s of creepy women asking about New Hope these days. Too creepy for my tastes anyway,”

“You can hear a lot of grunting coming from the mine at night recently. Keeps me up at night. I don’t even want to know what’s going on in there.”

“There’s a new support group for women with cheating husbands in the area around New Hope.”

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May Rumors
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