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 CX wares for June (posting on the tavern wall)

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PostSubject: CX wares for June (posting on the tavern wall)   Tue Jun 09, 2015 12:10 pm

[This is a hand-written note on the wall of the main meeting room in the tavern]

Hey so I know you guys need things so you can stay alive and defend yourselves and all that and I need all that stuff too but I don't have enough salvage to cover the cost of supplies.  That's where you come in!

I can make just about anything chemical you might want - explosives, grenades, bullets, flamer fuel, missiles...  I've been working on a design for some high caliber rounds that'll hit about 5 times as hard as a normal bullet, those should probably be pretty popular.

I'm not quite as good at medicine but I can make stim and sedative shots, Med B injections, bandages, all the standard stuff.  If you don't know how to handle a needle (don't try if you don't!) I can put them in pill form, but it'll take a little longer.

If you need to know about prices or anything just get ahold of me, I'll be around.  I don't wanna write out a whole price list or anything but I can if you guys want.  I'll take orders until the end of the day on Sunday the 14th.  I can make a few things ahead but if you've got anything big (especially if it requires special components) you'll have to pay up front before I start work.



PS Hopefully those kids aren't all in comas anymore, I haven't been around much but that would be really bad if you guys didn't fix that.


Okay so I guess you guys don't need anything. Thanks anyway?
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CX wares for June (posting on the tavern wall)
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