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 June Event

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PostSubject: June Event   Fri Jun 12, 2015 6:02 pm

The journey is hard, and when you’re in the middle it seems like the end will never come. but hold fast and remember what you fight for, remember why you chose this route. In the end the struggle, the trials, the frustrations will all have been worth it.

Afterfire June 2015 event. Preregistration deadline for the event is midnight on June 15th. Prices are $40 to PC ($30 with a pre reg discount), and $15 to NPC ($10 with a pre reg discount) Because space is at a bit of a premium there will be an additional $5 discount for players who sleep in tents. Site opens at 6:30 pm, game on at 8pm. We will be having a Friday night potluck again. NPCing allows a free blanket on one of your character cards and a reward of 200 Karma in addition to the discount.
New players
1st and 2nd events are both reduced: two day events cost $15 less for PCing or $5 less for NPCing. This stacks with the Pre-Reg discount. When you send in your registration for a new character please state the character's race and class.

(None of these have been checked, but they do receive their discount.)
Pre registered PCs:
Tanner P.
Josh S.
Zachary B.
Emily S.
James B.
Vaughn W.
Hannah M.
Matt V.
Kyle S.
Tim M.
Andrea R.
Stephany J.
Robert D.
Nick P.
Esten P.
Ryan B.

Pre registered NPCs:
Emma B.
Erik A.
Leah A.
Kayla S.

- Erik Anderson
Co-Owner, Logistics, and Tech Support

Stitch (Sorcerer)
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June Event
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