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 June Rumors

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PostSubject: June Rumors   Wed Jun 17, 2015 5:42 pm

  • City 72 has unofficially opened up its walls again. There is still a policy of keeping things out but the isolation policy has been in effect so long that enforcement in the lower levels has gone rather lax if you know which palms to grease
  • One of the rumors coming out of 72 is that there's a manhunt issued for some Corporate big wig from City 1
  • the other pervasive rumor is that there's gonna be an assassination of some empress of some sort. but that's crazy talk cause there's no empire nearby.
  • A lot of dead bodies are showing up in the area, the majority of them Church members. No one really important has been killed but the fact that they're showing up right around the time of that note is suspicious...
  • That crazy synth is still playing with lightning
  • The trade caravans are reporting that far out towns are being terrorized by a woman with monstrous red hands who oozes an aura of fear

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June Rumors
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