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 10/30/12 rumors

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Clarence Flintlock


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PostSubject: 10/30/12 rumors    Tue Oct 30, 2012 10:29 am

+ The undead lands are the curse of a demon lord who died on the field in a great battle.
+ Freetraders are not human or even metahuman
+ The undead lands are home to a cult of evil fairies
+ There is a great treasure hidden in the undead lands
+ There is a germ bomb being built by the chem lords
+ City 71 gangs have been spotted moving around outside the walls and in force
+ Drinking mutant blood will make you immortal
+ Dahl and Hyperion are pawns in a sibling feud between dragons.
+ Pink-haired gnomes are the superior sub-race of gnomes
+ Adepts are all witches
+ undead clowns are real, and touching them causes fear
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10/30/12 rumors
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