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PostSubject: PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING!   Tue Oct 23, 2012 4:42 pm


    Posts in the In-Game section must be done as your character, if you have more than one character please end the post with the name of the character you are using.

    Posts for In-Game will act as though you are face to face with those who you are having the conversation with. PM's will be treated as private notes that are either delivered as hand-written notes, voicemails, emails, or the like and not face to face.

    Please limit your In-Game posts to one or two threads, as your character shouldn't be able to exist in multiple locations simultaneously.

    Please keep in mind conversations in the In-Game forum are going to be completely canon and plot may act on what they see is being said if you do not properly state how private your conversation is.

    If you'd like to make yourself a private group please contact Admin and the group and a private forum will be made for you.


    This is for everything that involves the running of the game from logistics to plot. Ask us anything here and we will respond to you as best we can.


    Be nice to each other please...unless you have a character who is a total jerk, then try to make the difference between in and out of game talk.

    Admin has all the control of all the things, you have been warned.
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