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 1/9/13 Rumours

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PostSubject: 1/9/13 Rumours   Wed Jan 09, 2013 7:29 pm

  • Aphrovital has been reformulated and is being used heavily as a recreational drug
  • Gang members from City 71 have been venturing deeper into the wastes, getting as close as the UnDead Lands and the borders of Bunker Town.
  • Chem Lord and Nomad tensions seem to be raising higher, with more aggressive behaviors between each other.
  • A strange group of soldiers with no affiliation have been striking at Corporation ground transports, those few who survive claim blood rained from the skies.
  • Robotic Penguins have been spotted wandering the wastes.
  • An active pastries factory has been discovered in the wastes, no one dares enter though.
  • There have been sightings of animals long considered extinct, killed during the war, or outright mythological roaming the wastes.
  • With spring on the way, the traveling circus should be arriving within the next few months.
  • Trees are walking around the town at night.
  • Old glass bottles have been going missing.
  • After the first thaw the Puppet maker will be passing through, but he'll only find a desolated town.
  • Little Johnny lost his left shoe...again.
  • The river to the west has strange magic powers which make fish grow legs and walk into town every night while everyone is sleeping.
  • Lizards come in the spring.
  • Schizophrenics and their parrots are not to be made fun of.
  • Mind controlling ear wigs do not exist and any rumor of their existence is not to be believed.
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1/9/13 Rumours
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