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 Common Knowledge!

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PostSubject: Common Knowledge!   Wed Oct 24, 2012 1:13 am

Dahl Corporation
A massive commercial manufacturing industry, based in the former Twin Cities, now known as City 71. Their primary focus is in the shipping and transportation of raw materials, but with a massive industrial complex for manufacturing of arms and machinery. There are suspicions that Dahl is connected to various gangs and mobs.

A pharmaceutical and bio-genetic engineering corporation, located east of Dahl and slowly moving closer. Well known for their advances in the field of medicine and research, though they lack a solid manufacturing and production base.

A company known to assist Hyperion in the development of advanced genetic engineering as well as medicines of many sorts. Their greatest creation is known as "Zydrate" a powerful painkiller that creates a euphoric affect and is highly addictive after repeated use.

Considered the foremost in magic and technology research, they are both respected and feared by corporations of much greater size like Dahl and Hyperion for the incredible innovations and research. Known to actually follow through with promises of assisting Wasteland towns with resources and eliminating bandits and other such threats. Currently there are rumors they will merge with Dahl.

Abadaer Family
The family in charge of Dahl's shipping and logistics, the current head being James Abadaer. The son, Alexander Abadaer, was rumored to have died in the Undercity, and the daughter, Devona's whereabouts are currently unknown.

Landeiz Family
The family with control over Arcatech known for being openly racist, despite the positive nature of the company as a whole. They have two known sons, one of whom has been listed as a missing person. There are rumors of a third son who is arranged to marry the daughter of a Dahl executive and solidify a corporate merger.

The Town
Located south of the Undead Lands, this heavily fortified trade post holds sway over the local warlords, being one of the only places to get bulk ammunition. Freetraders have been unable to dislodge the monopoly of the town, and is it suspected that it is simply not worth their time.

The Chem Lords
The larger of the two gangs in the land around The Town. They are known for having at least one working chemical plant, although what is makes is unknown. They are also known to use slaves to man their operations. The Chemlords are locked in a war with The Nomads.

The Nomads
The smaller of the two gangs, using mobility to avoid being crushed by the Chem Lords. They are publicly opposed to slavery.

Known Bounties

Devona Abadaer
No kill, must be returned alive for any reward. 50,000 Allin reward.

Wanted, Dead or Alive. Target is potentially very dangerous, or just a corpse.

Escaped Hyperion Employee
A Former employee of the Hyperion Corporation, wanted dead or alive. Likely to be a meta-human race.
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PostSubject: Re: Common Knowledge!   Mon Mar 25, 2013 10:32 pm

The game world is set exactly 1000 years in the future.

So it is year 3013 in game. (as of this post)
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Common Knowledge!

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