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 A Public Announcement

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PostSubject: A Public Announcement   Thu Jul 10, 2014 3:10 pm

A crier wearing the robes of the Church of the Light is in the town square.

"Hear me, citizens of our fair town! A month ago we are ashamed to announce that the Church was burgled by one of our own. The Acolyte Succoria stole several items of value from our vaults. The Church will be conducting her trial as a public affair, since the aftermath of her actions affected the whole town and not just the church. Any one wishing to attend this trial may do so, and is welcome to inquire at the Church for the time and date of the trial. The Church will especially welcome the prescence of those townsfolk Acolyte Succoria made complicit in her actions. They will remain annonymous, and since they were deceived they will not be charged and are blameless for Acolyte Succoria's actions. We, the Church of the Light apologize for this misfortune, and seek to correct our error, and restore the faith of the citizens. Walk in the Light my friends!"

OOG: Emma B
IG: Clarisse "Dollface" Stoneskin

Dear plot team, I'm still waiting for my very tiny gopher
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A Public Announcement
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